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We are the leading platform in Malaysia that provides home tuition matching services that are quick, easy, reliable and professional.

Over the years, we have connected thousands of students with quality tutors across different states in Malaysia and have witnessed the improvement of their exam results under the guidance of our tutors.

At Tuition Kaki, we put customer satisfaction as our first priority and hence we make sure that only quality tutors with teaching experience, and those who fit your budget, time requirement and location will be chosen for your children.

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We will follow up with you within 24 hours

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Once you have selected the tutor, we will help to facilitate the first class immediately!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Providing quality home tutors for our clients has always been our utmost priority.

We are proud of how our clients’ children have improved in their exam results through the tutors we have chosen for them!

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We are confident that we will be able to connect you to a tutor who fits your child's unique way of learning in order to aid them in their subjects through more effective and interesting ways as compared to conventional school lessons.

We filter through our list of tutors strictly and review their profiles on a regular basis to ensure that we will be able to provide the best pool of talents to educate your children.

What our clients have said about us throughout the years serve as the best testimonials of our service!

Request for a tutor now for absolutely NO CHARGES!

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